Artist Spotlight: Prince


Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was an influential singer, instrumentalist, and record producer. Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, though all four of his grandparents had roots in Louisiana. Prince took his stage name from that of his father, a musician who used the name Prince Rogers while performing.

The Symbol

In 1993, Prince began having issues with Warner Bros., the record label he was signed to. The feud was over the fact that Warner Bros. was not releasing Prince’s backlogged music quickly enough.

Artist Spotlight Prince
“The symbol” used by Prince to replace himself.

In rebellion, prince changed his name to the symbol below, which was said to be called “Love Symbol #2.” This symbol was a combination of the alchemy symbol for soapstone, along with the male and female signs. Prince also stipulated he would no longer perform for Warner Bros., but that the symbol would be performing for them, thus making logistical planning difficult.

Prince also became known as “The Artists formerly known as Prince” or simply “The Artist.”


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