Artist Spotlight: Elvis Presley


Also known as the “King of Rock N’Roll”, Elvis Presley is a name known to pretty much everyone across the globe. His presence is seen in everything from movies like Viva Las Vegas and Blue Hawaii to dozens of albums and modern-day impersonators around the world. Musicians such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and The Everly Brothers owe a good deal to Presley’s musical influence. In turn, The King “borrowed” from Blues artists such as B.B. King, Fats Domino, and Ivory Joe Hunter.

Artist Spotlight Elvis Presley

Cultural Impact

Even The King of Rock N’ Roll had some scandals to endure. At the time he was performing, segregation between Blacks and Whites was making it hard for Elvis to present his music since it was seen as a mixture of “Black” and “White” music and took influence from artists of both colors.

Racists in Elvis’ time didn’t appreciate the “intermixing” of the two cultural backgrounds. However, the young generation at the time loved The King’s music, and it began to catch on more and more. Presley and other artists who followed his lead were increasingly seen as the instrument through which the younger generation was “breaking away” from the values of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

The older generations did not appreciate this miniature “rebellion”, and this caused some to look down badly at this style of music. It could be argued that Elvis set the stage culturally and musically for the “counter-culture” movements of the 1960’s.

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