Artist Spotlight: Breathe Carolina


Breathe Carolina is an Electronic band from Denver, Colorado. Their members are Tommy Cooperman, David Schmitt, and Eric Armenta. They were formed in 2006, and are still active musically today. They have four albums as of this article’s writing.  The band was begun by Schmitt and another musician, Kyle Even. Both had been in other bands (for Schmitt, it was a band called As The Flood Waters Rose; for Even, it was Rivendale). After the breakup of those bands, the two came together to create Breathe Carolina.

Artist Spotlight Breathe Carolina

First Albums

Even and Schmitt went on to create a MySpace profile where they uploaded their music. Over 10,000 people played their songs in 2008. The odd-sounding name derives from a dream Schmitt had in which he calmed a woman named…Carolina. The group’s first EP, Gossip, was released in 2007 as an iTunes exclusive.

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